My Lazy Homeowner Wish List

Hi! Today’s blog is about some of my favorite purchases I’ve made that I think should be on any lazy homeowner’s wish list for birthdays, holidays, or really any occasion. They’re all sound investments that make your life significantly easier and more enjoyable.



The Roomba is the obvious vacuum choice of the lazy 21st century man, and getting one has made my life infinitely more enjoyable. Now, I know this mainly works for me because my place is one story, with no real stairs to speak of. So, I can basically let the little guy rip without worrying about accidents. It might be harder with stairs, but so is everything else, right?


If you don’t know about Roomba’s, they’re robotic vacuums that look like big hockey pucks. They zoom around your house on a computer map, using sensors to get around furniture and walls, and vacuuming every single inch of your floor (It’s hard to argue whether they’re doing a better job than you once you consider that the algorithm makes it pretty much impossible for a Roomba to miss a spot). You set it up, set a time for it to clean every day or every week, and then just let it work. I end up cleaning mine out every two weeks-ish, but I also don’t have pets. If you do, it might be more like every time it runs. Still, emptying a compartment is so, so much easier than actually vacuuming.


They’re really not that expensive anymore, and they’ve gotten better with each model, so the latest ones (the one I have) don’t have any of the weird glitches that apparently hit the first generation. I seriously recommend it, as long as you don’t have stairs. You don’t know what a relief it is to always have clean floors until you come home to them every day for a week.


-Garbage Disposal


I never had a garbage disposal in my first few places, but I’ve always wanted one since I used to go visit my grandmother when I was a kid. I loved the fact that you could just put stuff in the drain and it was gone. There’s nothing more satisfying. I know this isn’t strictly kosher with the composting programs in some cities, but most places, it’s totally fine. I like having mine because with no food scraps in the trash, I don’t have to take it out nearly as often. It also keeps your drains from getting clogged, because there’s a system that literally grinds up anything that goes down them. Definitely a worthy investment.



You can’t be a true lazy homeowner and live without a dishwasher. Let’s face it. If you’re spending your time scrubbing dishes every time you want a meal, you’re just never going to be happy. Suck it up and buy a dishwasher. If you’re concerned about the environment, know this: dishwashers use way, way less water than you do when you’re slaving away at the sink. As far as appliances, this and the Roomba are the two key ones to make you happier.


I have a Miele Futura, because I’m kind of a snob, and because yes, if you show me a machine that does literally everything, I am prepared to spend as much money as it takes to own that machine. This one does everything automatically, it’s incredibly quiet, and it’s super cool from a design standpoint. Highly recommended.


-Toilet Cleaner Balls


I mentioned these before in my other post about how to make your home toilet less of a pain to maintain. I think they’re one of the best, simplest cleaning things I’ve ever seen. Basically, you buy a little capsule and stick it in the bowl of your toilet, and then every time you flush, some cleaner dispenses and keeps things clean. If you use them consistently, you basically never have to scrub the bowl again. Super cheap, and they save a lot of gross cleaning.


-Buying in bulk

I’m a big fan of Costco, since I can get absolutely everything there. I also like it because I can get things in bulk. Bulk is convenient, and bulk is way cheaper than normal sizes of things. So whether you’re using a wholesaler like Costco or something like a food coop, buying everything in bulk is smarter. You save trips to wherever you buy things, you save lots of money, and you always have things in the house when you need them.


-Amazon buttons and subscriptions:

My favorite way to shop for things these days isn’t Costco, though. Since Amazon launched its buttons, I’ve been using them to order pretty much every household essential, like laundry soap, TP, and stuff like that, since they’re so easy to use. You just press the button when you need more, and it orders some for you and sends them out right then and there. Amazon also has some good subscription services for food stuff, especially things like Clif Bars or protein powder, and for toiletry stuff like toothpaste that you go through pretty consistently. I’ve never had anything to complain about with either the buttons or the subscriptions, so if you’re a Prime user, you should check them out.